The atmosphere, scenery, peace, and the household bring a sense of fresh air to any hurried soul - drink deep the wells of refreshing at Mizpah Retreat - you will be greatly blessed by your stay here - just as we were and will be again........G. & K. C.

We are both on a high from our visit to Mizpah Retreat.  Thank you for the food and the sightseeing trip.  Also for ears that listen and are interested in what are others are doing, saying and feeling - you are special people, Shalom, ............M. & L. B.

Thanks Mike & Glenys for a fantastic time.  You took great care of us and it was sad to leave...............M. & S. A.

What an awesome thing God is doing here through you both!  We will be joining our prayers with yours about His work here, and praying for His blessings and abundance on the two of you as you do it.  We had a very sweet stay. Thankyou so much!  The country is just stunning!  Amazing!  Beautiful!  I can see the restoration and building of hearts and minds taking place under loving ministry in an environment like this. We live lives that are programmed down to the last half hour when we are working, so already your vision has played out in giving us some space and quiet. Bless you both................... R. & R.M.

MIZPAH has certainly served as an oasis in my time "in the wilderness"!  Both of you have been sent by God to bless me right out of my socks!  I truly appreciate your friendship, love and partnership as co-servants in building the Kingdom!..............S. C.

We met by chance on the main street of Peterborough as we passing from one side of Australia to the other, stopped for an overnighter and stayed 2 days. Hospitality, showers and the adventure of using a real  long drop will be long remembered...........B & S

Returning to Coffs Harbour saw the sign and realised the old body needed an overnight stay, how delightful to come into the  manicured property grounds in the middle of the driest part of South Australia and see all the gum trees, clean driveways and also the words on the classroom door "Beit Knesset", made me homesick for Israel.  B & B

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