Why we called it Mizpah

Mike had for many years seen the word “MIZPAH” written on cards and letters by both his mother and maternal Grandmother, asking them many times what it meant.  It was only in 2011 that the truth was revealed that Mike’s family was of Jewish heritage.  With a true understanding of what the word meant and where it came from, it was an easy decision to name the property “MIZPAH RETREAT”.

The word MIZPAH is derived from the Hebraic root meaning to “watch over” – it is also means “a place where God watches over, or watchtower” and can be found in Genesis 31:49 – in other words, “God’s watching you!”

MIZPAH goes back thousands of years, symbolizing a sanctuary and place of hopeful anticipation, a place where the seemingly impossible can happen by divine intervention and inspiration as we seek God’s influence in our lives.

MIZPAH is mentioned for the first time in the Bible (around 1800 BC) as a powerful watchword.  Jacob (who was later renamed Israel) and Laban (Jacob’s father in-law and a Gentile) agreed at Gilead to a God sent peace between them, saying: “The Lord watch between me and thee when we are absent one from another".

MIZPAH introduced the clearly defined moral qualities of GOODNESS, KINDNESS and the courage to UNDERSTANDING which should be the main theme of raising awareness of who we are as believing Spirit-filled Christians and how to touch, teach and mentor others in the ways of good Christian fellowship.

We pray that “MIZPAH RETREAT” also becomes a covenant place where those attributes mentioned above become reality in the lives of those who both come to work and or visit the Retreat.

All obstacles can be overcome with the love of God pouring out of our lives if we allow God and the Holy Spirit to watch over, to teach and lead us; that is and always will be the heart of the true meaning of MIZPAH.

...........Shalom, from Mike & Glenys

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